Intro to Guitar Class 8/2/15 – Things to do in Philadelphia

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I’m very excited to announce that on Sunday, August 18th, I will be launching another intro to guitar class for the absolute beginner! This four week course features powerful learning resources including my latest instructional videos and comprehensive ebook “The Fast Track Guitar Blueprint.”

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From the Swiflessons archives, here are a couple of techniques to help you begin your journey to guitar success!

From “The Fast Track Guitar Blueprint,” a review of your guitars anatomy.

Part of the Guitar by Swift Guitar Lessons in Philadelphia

Guitar Lesson – Doin’ Time By Sublime – Chords, Lyrics and Special Tricks!

Good morning guitar pickers,

Today I’m happy to introduce a new tutorial on Sublimes “Doin’ Time”, a classic tune first released on their 1996, self-titled LP (on vinyl at I’ll be adding a bit of a acoustic blues aspect to this rendition, as I take you through the basic changes, and strumming patterns, before dropping some SRV style licks between the verses. Let’s get started!

Build Your Guitar Lick Library – Congrats, you’re making serious progress!

Good Morning Friends,
I want to take a moment to congratulate you all for taking some amazing strides in your playing over the last few weeks! We tackled some very important concepts, mapping out the pentatonic scale, and learning how to use the chord progression to dictate the content of our guitar licks and solos. Now that we have a strong base, I’ll be posting a guitar “Lick of the Week” every Monday! Blues, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Folk, Country, let’s leave no stone unturned! To get your started, here is a handful of fantastic phrases for you to learn. Always practice challenging licks in sections, take it slow, and allow the pursuit of speed to be a gradual process. Let’s get started!

New guitar classes for beginner to advanced players are coming to Philadelphia. For more info visit!

Lead Guitar Lesson For Beginners-Intermediate – Anatomy of the Pentatonic Scale

Hello and good afternoon friends,

Today we’re getting a jump on our weekend practice, mapping out the intervals of the Pentatonic “Rock” scale. By comparing each notes position to those in the major scale, we’re able to determine which notes fit best with the chord shapes performed by our rhythm guitarist. This ability to follow a chord progression will provide your solos with a sense of direction and continuity. Jam out with me via the video below, and get on track to creating melodic, and professional sounding solos. Let’s get started!

Anatomy of the Pentatonic Guitar Scale

Beginner Guitar Lesson: Barre Chords and Some Easy Tips

Hello and good afternoon pickers,
I hope you all had a tremendous Memorial Day weekend, and that you’re recharged and ready to take your playing to the next level.

This is barre chords week, a so we will endeavor to learn the major and minor versions of our common open chords before the weekend! Let’s get this down in 3 easy steps:

1) Review the proper technique and theory behind barred chords via the HD video below.

2) Memorize the notes on the E and A strings. That way you can recognize your root notes, even at a quick glance.

3) Use the image below to drill each chord shape. You can even cut them out to create flashcards!

Let’s get started!

These are the basic guitar chords every aspiring player should learn. Start with the beginner friendly open chords, then learn to play them across the fretboard with barred shapes.

These are the basic guitar chords every aspiring player should learn. Start with the beginner friendly open chords, then learn to play them across the fretboard with barred shapes.

“Bye Bye Love” Guitar Lesson – The Everly Brothers, Chords Tabs and Lyrics

Hello and good morning guitar enthusiast,

I’d like to kick off this post by saying thanks to everyone who has taken the time to submit their song request at: Today I’m jamming out on a true classic from The Everly Brothers entitled “Bye Bye Love”. This was the groups follow-up single, released in March of 1957 and it took their stardom to new heights! I’ll take you through a tricky little intro section, before breaking down the super beginner-friendly chorus and verse sections. Chords, lyrics and tabs are already included throughout the tutorial. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Tips for Aspiring Guitar Players – Adult Workshops & Classes in Philadelphia

Top 10 Practice Tips for Aspiring Guitar Players

With our next intro to guitar class on the horizon (June 6th), it’s important for us to develop the mindset of a successful guitarist. Here are my top 10 tips for aspiring pickers:

1) Speed comes last – Practice slowly and allow the pursuit of speed to be a gradual process.

2) This is your time – Develop a sense of calm when you practice and always prepare for sessions free of distraction.

3) Bit by bit – “Never bite off more than you can chew”. When learning a challenging piece, it’s important to tackle it one section at a time.

4) Repetition is the key – Every lick, riff, and chord change comes with patient repetition. Remember, the mind and body are of one machine, requiring 1500 perfect repetitions before a technique is committed to muscle-memory.

5) Fuel the fire – Mastering the guitar requires inspiration, and there’s no better place to find it than in your personal music collection. Fill your days with fantastic music, and discover your guitar heroes as you go.


Learn real guitar fast in Philadelphia. Swiftlessons offers quality lessons and classes for beginner guitar.

Learn real guitar fast in Philadelphia. Swiftlessons offers quality lessons and classes for beginner guitar.


6) Join the community – Music has the amazing ability to bring people together & build their friendships. Gather with your fellow music lovers at jam sessions, open mics, and festivals and enjoy the “guitar life”.

7) Build your repertoire – I can not express how important it is to build a solid list of performance ready songs. There is no finer gauge for measuring your progress.

8) A creative outlet – Nothing has driven me more than my desire to compose music that I can be proud of, usually as a gift or tribute to my loved ones. Using music as a creative outlet is active and applied learning, leading to greater retention of skills and concepts.

9) Hearing is believing – At least once a week, record yourself performing your favorite tunes.

10) Your learning style – Find what works for you and run with it!


How to Play “The Weight” on the Guitar – The Band, Last Waltz Version

Hello and welcome back to Swiftlessons,

Today I am super excited to share my latest instructional video. In this lesson, I’ll show you how to play The Band‘s 1968 classic “The Weight”, as done in the iconic Martin Scorsese documentary “The Last Waltz” (Special Edition DVD at: I’ll take you through guitarist Robbie Robertson‘s guitar intro, and the various chord changes, and strumming patterns found in the verse, chorus and bridge sections. This tune has some fantastic techniques that are essential to growth of all beginner and intermediate level guitarist. Tabs, chords, and lyrics for The Band’s “The Weight” are featured below. Let’s get started!

The Weight Chords, Lyrics, Tabs PG1The Weight - Chords, Tabs, Lyrics PG2

How to play “Take Me to Church” By Hozier on Guitar – Full Lesson with Chords, and Lyrics

Greetings and salutations my fellow guitar addicts,
today I am super excited to share with you my latest instructional video on Hozier’s epic “Take Me to Church” from his self-titled album “Hozier” (Available on mp3, CD, and Vinyl). This minor jam is a fantastic choice for beginner guitarist, as each basic chord can be treated to single strums. For more advanced players, try building the energy with my recommended strumming patterns! Chords, lyrics and diagrams are provided in video. My chord and lyric cheat sheets are available at Let’s get started!

“Love Me Tender” Ukulele Lesson with Chords, Lyrics and Tabs

The perfect tune for a rainy spring day. In this new instructional video, I break down Elvis Presley’s 1956 hit “Love Me Tender”. This take was performed on my uke of choice, the 20TM-CE from our friends at Cordoba Guitars (available at

I’ll take you through the basic chord progressions, & strumming patterns before guiding you through a beautiful instrumental section. Let’s get started!