How to Play The Beatles “Yesterday” on the Guitar

Of the ten most covered songs in the history of popular music, five of them were written by The Beatles. In this lesson I break down one of my favorite tunes by the fab four, this is Sir Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday”. In the original recording, Paul tuned down his guitar one whole step, moving his Gmaj position chords to the key of F. For this lesson, I have decided to share an easy way to perform Yesterday still in it’s original key, but in standard tuning. The Beatles “Yesterday” Chords and Lyrics are included in this guitar lesson, and should be easy to follow, still feel free to submit your questions in the comments section. Lets get Started!

Two Blues Guitar Licks for Intermediate and Advance Players

Hey everyone,This week I am putting an emphasis on lead guitar techniques. In this video I demonstrate two of my favorite blues guitar licks, these are short phrases that can be used for soloing over rock and blues chord progressions. Drawing their notes from the blues and major scales, these licks can easily be transposed into different keys simply by moving them to a different fret. Lets get started! 

Shoals of Herring – Oscar Isaac – Guitar Lesson, Tabs, Chords and Lyrics

A long overdue lesson on one of my favorite tunes off the Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack. In this lesson we breakdown a very fun folk finger-pickin’ tune in “Shoals of Herring”, as done by the star of the film Oscar IsaacShoals of Herring guitar tabs, chords and lyrics are included. Lets get started!

Allman Brothers – Melissa – Guitar Chords, Lyrics and Video Lesson

Heres a Southern Rock Guitar Lesson for my long time student Jo Anne who has really made some amazing progress getting this tune down! “Melissa” by the Allman Brothers is a beautiful composition with chord progressions predominantly being drawn from the Emaj scale. This tune has many twist and turns, and some pretty challenging chord shapes, so take your time and bring all your patience. Chords and lyrics for Allman Brothers “Melissa” are included throughout this HD video lesson, and should be easy to follow, but feel free to post your questions and suggestions in the comments section. Lets get started!

Etta James – “At Last” Guitar Lesson with chords and Tabs

Hey everyone and thanks for checking out this post! This is a new guitar lesson I just finished on the Etta James classic “At Last”. In this video tutorial I break down how to play the intro string section on the guitar and also the jazzy chord changes throughout the verses. This is a tricky tune with plenty of interesting chords, I promise it will be well worth the effort. Etta James, At Last Guitar Tab and Chords are included throughout this video lesson. Lets get started!

How to Play “The Death of Queen Jane” on Guitar – Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack

A fun guitar song for the beginner-intermediate player, learn how to play “The Death of Queen Jane”, a traditional 18th century English folksong shown here in the style of Oscar Isaac, which he performed in the recent Cohen Bros film Inside Llewyn Davis.

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How to Play “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young on the Guitar – Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my post! I finally got around to teaching one of my all time favorite tunes, “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young! In this lesson I break down each chord progression and riff section by section and even attempt to play a little harmonica while doing it! Hope you all find this tutorial to be helpful and entertaining! Thanks for watching. -Rob

How to Play Fare Thee Well on Guitar – Inside Llewin Davis, Oscar Isaac Guitar Lesson, Chords, Lyrics.

Hey everyone,

Since posting a lesson on Dave Van Ronk’s “Hang Me, Oh Hang Me” last week, I’ve received a number of request for this tune, “Fare Thee Well”, which is also featured on the Inside Llewin Davis sound track. In the FREE video guitar lesson below, I’ll teach you how to play Fare Thee Well on guitar. We will review the basic folk chord progression, and the overall structure of the tune. Lets get started!

Dave Van Ronk – Hang Me, Oh Hang me – Guitar Lesson (Inside Llewin Davis Soundtrack)

Learn the Dave Van Ronk Classic “Hang Me, Oh, Hang Me” on Guitar. Recently featured on the Inside Llewin Davis sound track, “Hang Me, Oh, Hang Me” is a beautiful composition featuring innovative, yet simple chord changes, along with melodic finger picking patterns. In this video I’ll take you through the each chord shape, the song structure and right hand ‘travis picking’ technique. This version is compromise between the traditional Dave Van Ronk version and Oscar Isaacs rendition from the film.