Top 10 Tips to Becoming a Better Singer – Beginner Vocal Lesson

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As a follow up to my recent build knee strength cycling “How to Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time” video, I’ll break down my top how long should i spend on the elliptical to lose weight 10 tips for becoming a better vocalist! This tutorial is preparation for more in-depth technique videos that I will be producing in the coming weeks. The main objective for you, the viewers, is to develop the mindset and practice habits of a vocalist who is accomplishing measurable progress week to week. Let’s get started! stationary bike rpm for weight loss Tip #1: Don’t Hold Back – The first step in becoming a better singer is leaving your negative, and self-conscious thoughts at the door. “Just go for it!” build mass workout routines Tip #2: Learn Your Range and Limitations – Good singers are always in control of their voices. It’s important to learn what type of singer you are by measuring the distance between the lowest and highest notes that you can sing comfortably with your full voice. As a side note, the majority of singers are dissatisfied with their range… My advice is to embrace the voice that you have, and learn to use it to it’s fullest potential.

best way to drink oolong tea to lose weight Tip #3: Find Like Singers and Imitate -A great way of establishing your abilities is to find singers who have similar voices and practice imitating them. All of the best singers in history have constructed their signature sounds by borrowing from a various influences.

how fast will i lose weight on a juice diet Tip #4: Sing Along to Your Favorite Tunes – High level vocalist use a wide variety of exercises to get their voices performance ready, but nothing is more beneficial than actually singing along with your favorite singers. Be sure to consider your breathing, and the small details that make the performance special. Remember that many iconic tunes are the product of studio magic, for this reason I recommend singing along to live performances. will i lose weight by eating more protein Tip #5: Exercise DailyMany aspiring singers under-estimate the amount of practice and exercise that is necessary to see real progress. I suggest treating your voice as an instrument, and sing the same warmups, scales and licks that you practice on your guitar. a training program to increase muscular endurance would include Tip #6: Control Your Breathing – One of the big challenges to becoming a better singer is learning to take breaths at times that feel unnatural. Different songs require different patterns of breathing, so I recommend a conscious effort to find the best opportunities to take breaths during a given performance. In addition, you can use your breath to add mystique to a phrase by exhaling as you sing. how to lose weight fast without the gym Tip #7: Develop Your Sense of Pitch – The timbre of your voice is secondary to your ability to sing in pitch. To measure your accuracy, use the Martin Guitar Tuner on your smart phone as directed in the video below. Be sure to switch the setting to “all notes.” how to build strong biceps at home Tip #8: Write Songs – Their is no better way to develop your vocal style than writing your own original songs. Composition will provide you with the opportunity to test your limits, as you experiment with different techniques acquired via imitating your favorite singers.

Tip #9: Record Regularly – To make measurable progress as a singer, it’s crucial to hear yourself back. I recommend recording your voice daily, and taking time to scrutinize the areas in which you need improvement.

Tip #10: Enjoy Patient Experimentation – Many aspiring singers believe that you either have it or you don’t. In reality, great singers realize their potential through exercise and experimentation. Be patient in your development and never stop pursuing the discovery of new techniques and influences.

Beginner Guitar Lesson – How to Sing and Play at the Same Time – 5 Tips!

“How do you sing and play guitar at the same time?” This is a question that I have heard over and over throughout my teaching career. The ability to perform these two task really comes down to building muscle memory in both departments, but there are tricks to speeding up the learning process. In this new video lesson, I’ll break down my top five tips for singing while playing. Let’s get started!

  • Practice strumming Patterns – Performing any two tasks simultaneously requires that at least one is committed to muscle memory. So practice common patterns like the ones {taught Here} and be sure to count out loud, and tap your foot as you go.
  • Practice singing independently – Many aspiring singer-songwriters under-estimate the amount of practice singing requires. Your voice is another instrument in itself, so be sure to sing your scales while observing your pitch accuracy with a tuner. I recommend singing along with your favorite tunes, again, while tapping your foot and clapping your hands. Lastly, it’s very helpful to record your own Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 5.59.13 PMvoice, especially over karaoke backing tracks.. For easy recording, consider picking up an affordable USB microphone like the SL150 by Editors Keys


  • Consider how the lyrics match up with the chord changes – Play through a simple song and focus on hitting the correct chord with the appropriate lyric.
  • Simplify the strumming pattern – Before you can play and sing a tune in it’s desired format, I suggest practicing it first with whole note strums, then with basic quarter notes, and eight notes. If you can do that, then your ready to work in a strumming pattern.
  • Consider how the strumming pattern lines up with each lyric – Line by line, play through at half speed and connect the lyrics to the pattern. You may find it very useful to also write the strumming pattern down in a way that demonstrates how each motion corresponds with the lyrics. Below I’ve used the song “Stand By Me” as a beginner friendly example:

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 5.31.01 PM


How to Play Soundgarden “Spoonman” – Essential Rock Guitar Riffs Lesson

Hello guitar enthusiast,

and welcome to another By Request Song Tutorial. This week I’m very excited to bring you a full lesson on Soundgarden‘s 1994 classic “Spoonman” from their iconic album Superunknown. I’ll begin this tutorial by showing you how to tune your guitar to drop-d tuning, before breaking down each riff, and some of Kim Thayils lead guitar technique.

This song might sound complicated, but it’s actually very beginner friendly. Each riff will introduce useful techniques and timing variations, and serve as some incredible chop boosting exercises.Tabs for this lesson are available at, where by supporting the channel for just a dollar a month, you can gain access to tons of supporter perks including tab sheets, exclusive videos, and early releases!

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“Can’t Help Falling in Love” Elvis Presley, Haley Reinhardt Guitar Lesson

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This week I’m so glad to have had extra time to produce an extra By Request Song Tutorial. In this new video lesson, I’ll break down how to play Elvis Presley’s 1961 classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” I’ll take you through the changes for the intro, verse and chorus sections, while revealing how to finger pick the piano lines heard in the original track. I recently saw the very talented Haley Reinhardt perform her version of this track at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, and decided to include a few of her chord embellishments.  This demonstration was recorded using the SL600 Studio USB Microphone by Editors Keys. Let’s get started!

Tabs, Chords, and Lyrics are available to supporters of the channel at:


100,000 Subscribers, New Blues Guitar Lick Lesson, and Backing Tracks Channel!

Hello and happy Monday,

Things are heating up here in Philadelphia, and I’m happy to report that I’ve had a busy spring! As many of you have probably noticed, I’ve tripled my output, posting new tutorials every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. The recent activity has jump-started the Swiftlessons YouTube channel, as I’ve finally earned my 100,000th subscriber! Reaching this milestone has me more motivated than ever, so expect a ton of new tutorials, backing tracks and books in the coming days!

To kick off this week of practice, I’ve posted my latest “Lick of the Week,” a fast and funky blues guitar lick in the key of A. I’ll begin by showing you the scale this phrase was built from, before breaking it down note by note. Let’s get started!

Now that you’ve learned about how to jam over a blues in the key of A, let’s head over to JamTracks365 to practice improvising:

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Easy Acoustic Guitar Song for Beginners – Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”

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Today I’m very happy to bring you my latest instructional video breaking down Bob Dylan’s 1973 classic “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” This song is the ideal practice piece for beginner guitar players looking to improve their knowledge of basic chords and strumming patterns. In this free video lesson, I’ll reveal the music theory behind the composition, each of the basic chords, and various rhythm techniques that you can use in thousands of well-known songs! Click here to access the patreon page where supporters of the channel (just a dollar a month) can download free tabs, chord sheets, and more. Do you have a song in mind for my next lesson? Be sure to submit your request at:

Let’s get started!

Awesome Blues Guitar Tricks – Routine #6 – PLUS Exclusive Discount on Tempi Mechanical Metronome!

Hello guitar enthusiast!
Today is a big day in the evolution of the Swiftlessons YouTube channel, as I will now be negotiating exclusive discounts on quality gear and accessories. In the latest addition to my solo blues guitar lessons series, I will break down routine #6, which features some SRV, Eric Clapton and Lightnin’ Hopkins inspired techniques including licks, shuffles and turnarounds. Because the main focus of these lessons is to develop our sense of rhythm and timing, I’ll be introducing you to the Tempi, which is one of Amazon’s top rated mechanical metronomes. To Buy the Tempi Metronome with the exclusive Swiftlessons discount, visit: Let’s get started!


Prince “Purple Rain” Guitar Lesson and Chord Sheet – Easy Guitar Songs, Beginner Friendly!

Click here to download your free chord sheet
Hello friends,
This Monday I departed from my usual schedule to pay respects to Prince, who passed away suddenly on April 21st. The loss of this great artist is a huge blow to the music community, especially to the international guitar community. Prince’s contribution to the instrument is astronomical, and so I’d like to take time this week to celebrate his music by playing his songs and studying his techniques.

In this lesson, I’ll break down how to play “Purple Rain” on guitar. I’ll take you through the chord progressions for the verse and chorus, and teach you a strumming pattern that will work throughout. I hope that you all will enjoy playing this song, and do so in celebration of a great artist life. Let’s get started!

Guitar Maintenance Lessons – Changing Strings, and Cleaning Acoustic and Electric Guitars

As a professional guitar instructor in Philadelphia, I’ve come to know that many beginners feel very nervous about doing basic maintenance on their guitars. I’m here to tell you that common task like changing your strings and cleaning your guitar is actually quite easy! In video #1, I’ll take you through the process of removing your old strings, cleaning, and restringing an acoustic guitar. In video #2, I’ll break down the same process on a Gibson Les Paul style electric guitar. Let’s get started!

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How to Change Strings on an Acoustic Guitar

How to Change Strings on an Electric Guitar

Harry Nilsson “Everybody’s Talkin” Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

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Since moving to my new digs in Northwest Philadelphia, I’ve been able to stay on track with my filming schedule. Now that I have more time and a dedicated space to film these guitar lessons, I’ve decided to devote my Tuesdays to shooting tutorials on songs requested by my viewers. In my latest addition to this “By Request” series, I break down an original interpretation of Harry Nilsson‘s 1968 classic “Everybody’s Talkin.” We will begin this fingerstyle acoustic guitar lesson by learning the chords, before tackling a very melodic finger picking technique. Click Here if you would like to request a YouTube guitar lesson of your own. Now, let’s get started!

Tabs available at: