Awesome Blues Guitar Tricks – Routine #6 – PLUS Exclusive Discount on Tempi Mechanical Metronome!

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Today is a big day in the evolution of the Swiftlessons YouTube channel, as I will now be negotiating exclusive discounts on quality gear and accessories. In the latest addition to my solo blues guitar lessons series, I will break down routine #6, which features some SRV, Eric Clapton and Lightnin’ Hopkins inspired techniques including licks, shuffles and turnarounds. Because the main focus of these lessons is to develop our sense of rhythm and timing, I’ll be introducing you to the Tempi, which is one of Amazon’s top rated mechanical metronomes. To Buy the Tempi Metronome with the exclusive Swiftlessons discount, visit: Let’s get started!


Prince “Purple Rain” Guitar Lesson and Chord Sheet – Easy Guitar Songs, Beginner Friendly!

Click here to download your free chord sheet
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This Monday I departed from my usual schedule to pay respects to Prince, who passed away suddenly on April 21st. The loss of this great artist is a huge blow to the music community, especially to the international guitar community. Prince’s contribution to the instrument is astronomical, and so I’d like to take time this week to celebrate his music by playing his songs and studying his techniques.

In this lesson, I’ll break down how to play “Purple Rain” on guitar. I’ll take you through the chord progressions for the verse and chorus, and teach you a strumming pattern that will work throughout. I hope that you all will enjoy playing this song, and do so in celebration of a great artist life. Let’s get started!

Guitar Maintenance Lessons – Changing Strings, and Cleaning Acoustic and Electric Guitars

As a professional guitar instructor in Philadelphia, I’ve come to know that many beginners feel very nervous about doing basic maintenance on their guitars. I’m here to tell you that common task like changing your strings and cleaning your guitar is actually quite easy! In video #1, I’ll take you through the process of removing your old strings, cleaning, and restringing an acoustic guitar. In video #2, I’ll break down the same process on a Gibson Les Paul style electric guitar. Let’s get started!

Recommended tools:

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This super-handy guitar tool kit will provide you with almost everything you need to maintain your instrument, saving you plenty of time and money in the long-run!




Ubertuner by Kliq – $21.97  “My tuner of choice, perfect for musicians of all calibers”

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.40.07 AMThis clip on tuner by Kliq has become widely popular for players who want to quick tune their guitar during practice, or make room on their pedal boards for convenient tuning while on stage. The Ubertuner by Kliq is my tuner of choice, perfect for musicians of all calibers!


Ernie Ball Electric Guitar Strings  “My Electric Guitar String of Choice”

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.49.30 AMThese Ernie Ball Electric Guitar Strings are the industry standard. Not only do they sound great, but they are also durable, relatively long lasting and affordable.




Earthwood Acoustic Guitar (3) Pack  “My Acoustic Guitar String of Choice”

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.52.22 AMThese Earthwood Acoustic Guitar Strings (by Ernie Ball) sound and feel fantastic. For someone who doesn’t want to break the bank on guitar strings, these strings are your best option.




How to Change Strings on an Acoustic Guitar

How to Change Strings on an Electric Guitar

Harry Nilsson “Everybody’s Talkin” Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

Hello friends

Since moving to my new digs in Northwest Philadelphia, I’ve been able to stay on track with my filming schedule. Now that I have more time and a dedicated space to film these guitar lessons, I’ve decided to devote my Tuesdays to shooting tutorials on songs requested by my viewers. In my latest addition to this “By Request” series, I break down an original interpretation of Harry Nilsson‘s 1968 classic “Everybody’s Talkin.” We will begin this fingerstyle acoustic guitar lesson by learning the chords, before tackling a very melodic finger picking technique. Click Here if you would like to request a YouTube guitar lesson of your own. Now, let’s get started!

Tabs available at:

How to Play Ray Charles “What’d I Say” on Guitar – Video Lesson and Chord Sheet

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This week I’m very happy to bring you a new lesson on Ray Charles‘ 1959 classic “What’d I Say.” This tune follows a common 1.4.5 blues formula (Click Here if that made no sense), and when converted from keys to the guitar, introduces many valuable techniques.

This lesson is the second installment of my “By Request” video series. Each Tuesday I’ll be dropping a new tutorial on a song requested by members of my audience.

I’ll begin this blues guitar lesson by taking you through Ray’s intro riffs, a fender roads inspired strumming pattern, and some bluesy licks and turnarounds to get you performance ready. Let’s get started!

Ray Charles – What’d I Say – Chord Sheet

a full tab covering the riffs and licks is also available at

Roy Orbison “Crying” Acoustic Guitar Lesson and Chord Sheet

Hello friends,

I apologies for my silence these past several days, I’ve been hard at work developing new guitar lessons and practice resources for my channel and Patreon feed. Tonight I’d like to introduce you to my latest song tutorial on Roy Orbison‘s 1962 classic “Crying.” This is the first installment of my “By Request” video series, which will deliver a new tutorial on a song requested by members of my audience!

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I’ll kick this tutorial off with a full demonstration of the tune, before breaking the song down into five parts for easy learning. Let’s get started!

Download Your Free Chord Sheet Here

Super Beginner Slide Guitar Lesson – Playing a perfect note, and jamming over major chords!

Hello friends,
Today I’m very excited to share with you a long overdue lesson on how to play slide guitar. In this video, I’ll show you how to produce a clear and pitch-perfect note, how to perform a major chord, and how to produce melodies using the C major scale. Need a slide? I recommend a Derek Trucks signature slide by Dunlop:

There are alternatives to store bought guitar slides; my personal favorite is the traditional “bottleneck slide,” as seen in the video above. You can create this type of slide at home using a glass scorer, a pot of boiling water, and another full of cold, ice water. Check out the video below for a full tutorial!

Thanks so much for watching these tutorials! Check back in the coming days for additional lessons on how to play blues, bottleneck slide guitar. Be well and enjoy your practice! -Rob

New Guitar Lessons Have Arrived! Learn The Beatles “Blackbird” and My New Lick of the Week!

Hello friends,

I’m so happy to be back in action, recording guitar lessons and producing resources from my new studio here in Philadelphia. In the coming weeks I will be focusing on building your repertoire, which is the best way to gauge your progress. This week, I’ve featured a tune that is a “must know” for any serious acoustic guitarist, The Beatles “Blackbird.” Learning this classic is a great way to build confidence and develop your finger-picking technique. As always, chords and tabs are available at Let’s get started!

For the lead guitarist out there, check in every Monday for a new Lick of the Week! In this edition, I break down a very hot rockabilly lick over a 1.4.5 in Cmaj. Enjoy! Tabs available at:


New Lick of the Week Series Starts Now!

Happy Monday Friends,

Today I am very excited to introduce my new Patreon Lick of the Week Series.
Each Monday I will bring you a new scale, lick and helpful .PDF study guide to help you meet your potential as a lead guitarist. A wide variety of styles will be covered including blues, jazz, rock, country, rock-a-billy, metal, and even Indian raga!

In this lesson, I break down the pentatonic scale, and a bluesy triplet lick in the key of E. We’ll be utilizing slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs and slight bends to produce a phrase reminiscent of guitar greats like B.B King, Eric Clapton and Robin Ford.

Visit the official patreon page for access to this lessons .PDF study guide and much more!

How to Learn Guitar Chords and Build Faster Chord Changes

Hello friends,
Today I’m reaching out to my beginner guitar students with my latest instructional video. In this lesson I tackle the very important subject of how to memorize chord shapes, and develop faster, smoother chord transitions. Combine these tips with a little patience and determination and nothing will stand in your way! This will likely be the last video that I post before moving into my new studio in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia. After this brief hiatus, you can expect videos and study resources to be posted on a daily basis. For additional resources, be sure to visit my page. Now, let’s get started with your lesson. -Rob

Suppport at

Now that you’ve learned some useful memorization techniques, try tackling a couple of new chords, each day throughout your week of practice. Click below to download my Common Chord Shapes and Barred Versions poster.

pg5 Essential Chords