How to REALLY play Barre Chords – A Beginner Guitar Lesson

Good morning friends!
Today we’re getting back to the basics. For all the beginner guitar players, a proper introduction to barre chords. In this new instructional video, we’ll take a close look at the origins of bar chords, and examine the ideal technique. Approach this lesson with calm and confidence. Mastering bar chords will take time, and plenty of repetition. Feel free to post questions or request additional resources in the comments. Thanks and have a great day of progress!

Lead Guitar Lesson – Gritty, Bad-ass Blues Lick!

I use to dream of playing these types of guitar licks, and once I learned to slow things down, building my repertoire became really easy! My system of learning complicated lines is simple; never bite off more than you can chew! In this lesson I break down a gritty, extended blues phrase built from our blues scale rooted off of the A string. I’ve taken the liberty to divide this lick into three separate phrases for easier learning. I suggest tackling each of these sections ONE note at a time, gradually building up to the full monty! Let’s get started!

For You Blue – Beatles Guitar Lesson – Beginner Friendly, Easy Guitar Songs

My latest instructional video on George Harrison‘s 1970 Beatles classic “For You Blue“. Originally released as the B-side to Paul’s “The Long and Winding Road”, “For you Blue” is bouncy 12 bar blues in the key of D with tons of room for rhythmic and melodic variation. In this lesson I’ll break down the catchy intro riff, chord structure, strumming pattern, and lead guitar options. Let’s get started!

P.S. You can support my work simply by treating yourself to The Beatles Let it Be on Vinyl:

Pure Prairie League “Amie” Guitar Lesson – Intro Guitar Solo Breakdown!

Hello guitar enthusiast, today we sharpen up our lead guitar chops with the intro guitar solo to Pure Prairie Leagues 1973 classic “Amie”! In this lesson, I break down two common positions of the major pentatonic scale, before bringing them to life with the sensation bluegrass licks performed by Craig Fuller on the original recording!
Dedicated to Stephanie N. and Jo Anne R. Thanks for the epic request!

How to Make a Bottleneck Slide – Cutting Wine bottles – Safe and Easy!

Here’s a fun project for anyone interested in bottleneck slide guitar. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to successfully make a bottleneck, blues guitar slide out of an ordinary wine bottle! Let’s get started!

For best results, use:
Adjustable Glass Cutter:

For a professional touch:
Electric Dremel:
Grinding Bits for Shaping Your Finished Slides:

Late Bradley Nowell Turns 47 – Guitar Lesson “What I Got” by Sublime

Happy belated 47th birthday to the late great Bradley Nowell, February 22, 1968 – May 25, 1996. A master songwriter, who’s soulful approach to rock, ska, and reggae music catapulted Sublime​ to super-stardom in the 1990’s. The key to Bradley’s unique guitar playing is an emphasis on simplicity, melody, and versatility; borrowing licks from the likes of Jimi Hendrix​, Carlos Santana​, and of course Peter Tosh​.

A song within a song, Brad’s solos on tunes like Santeria and What I Got serve as memorable hooks. Aspiring soloist take note, these examples were often inspired by the vocal melody before branching off into their own musical territory, truly a powerful concept. In this free guitar lesson I break down the first solo I ever learned on the guitar, along with the chord progressions and cross-picking technique heard in “What I Got”. Let’s get started!

Guitar Lesson “La Vie en Rose” By Edith Piaf

Hello and good evening guitar enthusiast,

Tonight I am very excited to share with you my latest instructional guitar video on the 1947 classic “La Vie en Rose” by legendary singer-songwriter Edith Piaf. One of the most beautiful love songs of the last century, La Vie en Rose has been performed by many notable acts including Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett, and Celine Deon. In this lesson, I’ll be breaking down my own arrangement in Dmaj, as we learn to perform the signature melody line in a chord-melody style. Lyrics, chords and tabs are included throughout this free HD quality lesson. Let’s get started!

Group Guitar Lessons in Philadelphia – South Street Sounds Exclusive Discount!

Group Guitar Class Discount at South Street Sounds Music StoreSo excited to be working with my good friends at South Street Sounds on this great deal for Feb-March. Mention this promo and receive 10% off any guitar in the store, and with that purchase, a $50 coupon toward my next Intro to Guitar Class in Philadelphia (3/19)! Learning the guitar can be fun, easy and affordable!


Simple Lead Guitar Lesson – Soloing with Arpeggios, and Easy to Learn Scales

My latest instructional video has arrived! In this lead guitar tutorial, I’ll shed some light on the mindset of a professional soloist, as we learn navigate through a basic 1.4.5 progression, and respond to each change.

“Every great lead guitarist uses two points of reference to navigate across the fretboard; scale patterns and chord shapes.” Knowing the different positions or “voicings” of your go-to chords and the scales that connect to them will expand your comfort-zone, and reveal useful territories for you to explore. Tabs and diagrams are provided in this free HD quality lead guitar lesson. Let’s get started!

Guitar Lesson “Uncle John’s Band” – A Rhythm Study

Hello and welcome back!

Today I am happy to introduce my newest instructional video. In this free HD guitar lesson I break down the dynamic changes, chord progressions and strumming patterns heard in the Grateful Dead classic Uncle John’s Band, from their 1970 release Workingman’s Dead (click to buy on Vinyl). We’ll analyze each section of the tune, as we expand our skills as rhythm guitar players. Annotations providing the chords, patterns and lyrics are included. Let’s get started!