Solo Blues Guitar Lesson for Beginners – Lesson #1

Hello friends,
I’m very excited to share with you lesson #1 of my new five part series on solo blues guitar. In these lessons, you will develop the licks, chord transitions, and turnarounds used by blues legends like Skip James, and Lightnin’ Hopkins. Each session features two routines performed over a 1.4.5 progression in the Key of E. Follow the link below to view the video and download your free tab. Let’s get started!


Special thanks to my supporters at, and also my guitar and ukulele students here in Philadelphia. You’ve helped me get a strong start to 2016, but we’re only scratching the surface. I’ll be moving to my new studio in March, where I will have the resources to provide you with some of the worlds best guitar resources. Be well and enjoy your practice. -Rob

Guitar Tuner- Standard EADGBe – A new resource for your daily use!

For my beginner students,

Having perfect technique is worthless if your instrument is out of tune! To make sure you always sound your best, I have posted a new tuning video for you to use before every practice session. I would also recommend using this tool to sharpen your ear and sense of pitch. Here are some quick tips for your week of practice:

  • practice singing the notes as we play through each string.
  • To strengthen your ability to sing in harmony, practice holding the desired note with your voice, as you tune up to it. This will help to prevent fluctuations in your pitch when opposing notes are present.
  • Always tune your guitar by ear, rather than relying exclusively on an electronic tuner. The tuner then becomes a way of gauging your progress in developing your sense of pitch.

Also featured is my clip on tuner of choice, the Ubertuner by KLIQ Music Gear, available on Amazon at New tutorials are in the works, so check back before the weeks end for some fresh lessons and new chord sheets!

The Beatles “Lady Madonna” Guitar Lesson with Tabs, Chords and Lyrics

Hello friends,

Thanks so much for all your encouragement over the last year. I’ve enjoyed my work immensely and look forward to providing you with many more resources in 2016. To kick our year off right, I’m introducing my latest acoustic guitar lesson on The Beatles “Lady Madonna.” This is a comprehensive tutorial complete with lyrics, chords, and tablatures as I break down how to incorporate Paul McCartneys piano lines into your solo performance. An additional print out has been made available to my supporters at, where with a $1 donation to the channel, you can download PDFs and Word docs of my personal notes, chord sheets and tablatures. 2015 was an amazing year, but we have only scratched the surface. I wish you all a safe and enjoyable New Years celebration and another tremendous year of progress. Let’s get started! -Rob


How to Build a Home Recording Studio – Beginner friendly tips for basic home recording.

Hello friends,

This week I’m very excited to share with you my recommendations on how to start your own home recording studio. In this video, we’ll be keeping it basic with introductory items that offer the most “bang for your buck.”

Why is recording important?

There is no faster way to to hone your skills, wean out bad habits, and develop your style on the guitar. Whether you are recording yourself improvising over backing tracks, or producing original compositions, the ability to hear yourself back will allow you to critique your performance, and move forward.

Big thanks to Mike of Song Dogs, and Lewin of Garageband and Beyond for their guidance in making this video. Let’s get started!

Shopping List:

• A used Mac Desktop sold by Apple –
• Download Garageband for Mac –
• Professional level “DAW”, Logic Pro – (Link coming soon)
• Presonus Audiobox –
• Alternatively, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 –
• Shure Sm58/stand/XLR cable bundle –
• 10ft XLR Cable by Hosa –
• Alesis Studio Monitors – (M1’s out of stock)
• Pop Filter –
• Studio Headphones –


How to Play “Blue Christmas on Guitar” – Beginner friendly Guitar Lesson

Hello friends,
Let’s get into the holiday spirit with a classic tune made famous by “the king of rock and roll” Elvis Presley. In this new video tutorial I’ll break down how to perform Elvis’ 1964 rendition of “Blue Christmas”, which was featured on the Elvis’ Christmas Album in November of that year. You can support Swiftlessons on YouTube by picking up a copy of that album and shopping online at This guitar lesson kicks off with a brief intro to the guitar chords, before launching into the strumming patterns and riffs. I hope you enjoy learning this holiday classic, and that the music brings you together with family and friends this season. Let’s get started!

Happy Birthday Neil Young – How to Play “Heart of Gold on Guitar”

Hello friends,
Today I’d like to wish the godfather of grunge, and folk-rock legend Neil Young a very happy birthday! Neil’s work has had a profound impact on my life, and has always been a healthy part of my musical diet. There is a chaotic beauty that forms within his recipe of poetic lyricism, masterful chord construction, and gritty production value. Neil has never been afraid to take risk, and stand up for his values through his art, and for that, he is a true icon. From the Swiftlessons archive, enjoy this tutorial breaking down his 1972 classic “Heart of Gold.” For extra guidance, download my official “cheat-sheet” by Clicking here. Let’s get started!

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How to Play “Going to California” on Guitar – The Final Installment 3-3

Good morning guitar enthusiast,

Today I’m very happy to share with you the final installment on my “Going to California” guitar lessons series. In lesson 3-3, we will review the finger-style techniques used in our intro, verse, and instrumental sections, before breaking down the minor picking heard in the bridge. Real quick, I want to thank you all for your support over the last couple years. The YouTube channel just received it’s 8 millionth visitor and 70,000th subscriber! I’m so grateful for all your encouragement and guidance.

Now, Some Quick tips:

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Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson – Pro level Picking in 3 Easy Steps!

Are you ready for a finger-picking breakthrough?
Over my many years of teaching I have found that fingerpicking, also know as fingerstyle guitar, can be a very intimidating technique for beginners. I’m happy to tell you that even the most complexed of patterns can be mastered in just a few easy steps! In this new video lesson, I break down three common patterns, and reveal “Travis style” techniques that can be used to play thousands of well-known songs. Let’s get started!

Guitar Lesson “California” By Jonie Mitchell – Leads, Chords and Lyrics

So excited to share this new guitar lesson on Joni Mitchell’s “California.” This tune was originally featured on her classic 1971 album Blue, a must have for any vinyl collection Big thanks goes out to Caroline Kane for lending her golden vocal chords on the introduction! Prepare to hone your rhythm and lead skills as we perform a wide variety of techniques inspired by Joni’s dulcimer playing. Let’s get started!

Guitar Lesson and Tabs – Led Zeppelin “Going to California”

Hello guitar enthusiast!

Today I’m very happy to share with you my new video lessons on Led Zeppelin’s 1971 classic “Going to California.” In this HD guitar tutorial, you will discover how to play the finger picking patterns with proper “Travis style” technique. The arrangement is an adaptation to the original work, intended to combine the mandolin and guitar parts for independent performance. This Led Zeppelin classic was originally released on the bands 1971 album, Led Zeppelin IV, available on vinyl at: For easy learning, I’ve included my tabs for lessons 1-2. Let’s get started!

Going to California – Click for Official Tablature!

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